Mineral Record
A Database for Mineral Collections

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The Mineral Record is a suite of programs that will allow the user to efficiently catalogue mineral collections, print labels for their mineral specimens and generate reports about their collections.

The various program modules of the Mineral Record are interactive, allowing the interchange of data between the different program modules. Many different types of data cane be stored for cataloging purposes: Text data. photographs of specimens and localities, maps, drawings, etc.. This can be done for a single mineral collection or for multiple mineral collections, micro mounts and cabinet specimens for example.. The Mineral Record can store, sort, and classify mineral data; organize mineral photographs, drawings, graphs, and document images. The Mineral Record can print reports, print images, print labels with and without images, print reports of mineral costs and values, etc..

Our goal is to make the Mineral Record the world's most complete and comprehensive program for mineral collection cataloging. We continually strive to make the Mineral Record's professional and sophisticated functionality user friendly, with data entry that is as simple, quick and as effortless as possible.

The Mineral Record Program Modules

Collection Database, your data for specimens
Locality Database, your data for localities
Species Database, your reference data of over 4000 recognized minerals
Collection Manager, your system database access manager
ImageBank, your image data
Report & Label Creator, your program for all labels and reports
ASCII Transfer Manager, your data exchange module
MR Book, your book view the Mineral Record program modules associated functionality, and settings

Click here to boot a the Word document containing a more detailed discription of the Mineral Record cataloging program modules.

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